Friday, March 17, 2006

About the Blog

Godly Ladies in Training
We are ladies-in-training continuously seeking God's righteousness in preparation for our worship to the King when we finally arrive in our true country.

We started this blog to share lessons we have learned in our lives and challenge our readers to live a life of freedom constrained by God's love and mercy. A godly lady-in-training, is someone who constantly and intentionally seeks to live God's righteousness in her everyday life--through His Word.

The name, being "Godly Ladies-in-Training" does not mean that this blog is only for the feminine gender. The masculine gender is very much welcome to read and comment on our posts. Anyone who seeks the glory of our Lord, even in the blogosphere, is very much welcome. We pray that somehow our blog would be a help in the lift of your faith.


What Inspired Us?
"Last February 2006, while browsing through a Homeschool Forum, I came across The Rebelution. I told Christin about it, and she took a look at the site. We caught the "fire" of the Rebelution, and Christin came up with the idea to make a joint blog where we could write all about our spiritual life."
~Alyssa C.

As Godly Ladies-in-Training, we are proud to be part of the Rebelution.
We are admonishing our generation to come and join us in our Rebelution.
Be a Rebelutionary!

We have coined the title Godly Ladies-in-Training with the help of a fellow friend in the Sonlight Forums. We would like to thank Miss Alyssa Hollingsworth for the term Lady-in-Training. Indeed, the term Lady-in-Training is a title full of meaning rather than the world's term of a teenager. We would like to clarify that our point here is not the term itself but the definition it carries.

Joshua Harris wrote, "Terms don't define our lives, our lives define our terms."

We strongly agree with him. Whether we use the term teenager or lady-in-training/gentleman-in-training, what matters is that we glorify God with how we live our lives.

P.S. The views conveyed in this blog are solely the bloggers' and must not be interpreted as representing any person or organization they're connected with.

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