Saturday, May 08, 2010

Why Philippine DHT Conferences Are Cancelled

Dear Filipino Rebelutionary,

We are sad to announce that the Do Hard Things Conferences for the Philippines (Manila and Cebu) are cancelled.

God is sovereign and His purpose will stand. There happened to be a circumstance that neither we nor the Harrises expected to arrive which affected their plans on coming here. Mrs. Sono Harris, Alex and Brett’s mother, was diagnosed with cancer in the fourth stage.

The Harrises need our prayers more than anything now. The Lord has used their family to tremendously change people’s lives and though they cannot come here to minister to us, let us be the one to minister to them through prayers.

A lot has been prepared already for the conferences both in Manila and Cebu. Tickets have been bought and people have registered for it. Both teams from Manila and Cebu will be updating everyone on how you can refund your payments. Please check our  Facebook page more often for more updates in the coming days.

I know you were all excited for the conference and are now sad or even disappointed at the turn of events. Some things just do not happen the way we want it but all God requires of us is obedience.

More than anyone, the volunteers for the conferences are the ones heavily affected by this news. They’ve spent the past three months preparing for the conferences and everyone was shocked to learn that we have to stop everything we are doing. Though we will be stopping the preparation, we will not stop doing hard things. And we’d also like to challenge you to continue doing hard things, conference or no conference.

Our human nature teaches us to think that everything is a waste; all the efforts are now trash. But when we think like this, we're actually just thinking of ourselves and not of God. We think of what we've done and our accomplishments but not of the favor He's bestowed upon us. Nowhere in the world would you find anyone who would fully entrust organizing a big conference to inexperienced and money-less teenagers but the Creator of the universe did.

God knows what He is doing and He does all this for His own sake--that He can make Himself known more in our lives. Often, we think that we already know much of Him but really we don't and in a situation like this does He often make Himself even more known.

We would not be humans if we say we're happy and excited that the event got cancelled. We are sad and disappointed, yes. It's something that we have to go through for a moment but tomorrow will find us glad on what God will bring into our lives. In the end we will realize and be glad we tried and did something than have done nothing at all. Do Hard Things is more than a book and a conference. It's a mindset that has got a lot of people taking up their arms to fight and will take on more people in the future--all for His glory.

Yes, this is hard. But we’re rebelutionaries. We do hard things.

In behalf of all volunteers for the conferences,

With Much Gladness In Christ,

Christin A.
DHT Conference