Wednesday, March 29, 2006


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~ Christin A. -

Christin Alvarez is "twenteen" years old and a college senior taking up Communication Studies major in Journalism. She is the eldest of six siblings in her family. She is part of the Grace Fundamental Baptist Church family in the hustles and bustles of Quezon City, Philippines. A music minister of The Shepherd's Ensemble, her church choir.

Besides being a Godly Lady-in-Training, she is currently an officer of the Samahan ng Iglesiya Baptista Fundamental sa Katagalugan - Association of Ambassadors for Christ (SIBFK-AAFC), a region-wide, church-based youth organization committed in uplifting the youth. She is enthusiastic in promoting anything that will advance His kingdom. She loves geography, miming, music, nature, films, books and so much more. But above all, she dearly loves her Father up in Heaven.

~ Alyssa C. -

Alyssa Chua (19) was born on April 25, 1989, the second of 6 kids (4 girls and 2 boys). She is half Filipino and half Chinese, and currently lives in the Philippines with her parents and siblings.
Currently, she is a Freshman studying at Messiah College, where she is taking up Intercultural Studies with a concentration on Diplomacy and International Relations. She has been homeschooled, along with her brothers and sisters, her whole life.

She enjoys being a Music Minister of The Shepherd's Ensemble of Grace Fundamental Baptist Church (GFBC), and fellowship and Bible Studies with the Timothy's Gimpers (the youth group of GFBC).
Her ambition is to become the woman God wants her to be - to serve Him in any way she can, and to use all her talents for Him.

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