Tuesday, June 10, 2008

ORBing at OMFLit

Last Wednesday, Ladies-in-Training Christin and Alyssa had a chance to ORB at OMFLit, one of the leading Christian bookstores in the Philippines. We decided to post some pictures.

OMFLit is located in Boni Avenue. We chose to go there because the company usually buys the rights to re-publish a book, especially if it is a book in high demand. Take Josh Harris' I Kissed Dating Goodbye, for instance, which is a very popular book in the Philippines.

Waiting on the sunny sidewalk before crossing the street.

Even the study guide of I Kissed Dating Goodbye sells well here.

This the first time we saw Zach Hunter's Be the Change in local bookstores.

Christin talks to a member of the Publishing Committee, telling her all about The Rebelution and Do Hard Things.

Alyssa writes down information to be left with OMFLit, along with the statistics of Do Hard Things in Amazon, and a few reviews.

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