Sunday, June 08, 2008

Lady In Training's Summer (2nd of 2 legs)

The opportunity to attend the AFBCP (Association of Fundamental Baptist Churches in the Philippines) Biennial Conference in Laoag, Ilocos Norte was very unexpected. I was only confirmed by the church as a representative two days before the conference. It was my first time to attend a Biennial Conference of churches and I thank the Lord for giving me that experience. The conference was also some kind of a reunion for pastors and church workers who were classmates when they were in the Bible schools. Some met each other only after a decade or some even more than a decade. For me it was a bit of reunion with my old Sunday school teachers and friends in the province of Ilocos.

The Conference was opened in an Evangelistic night in the city plaza of Laoag. Evangelist Michael Riddick speaks for the Evangelistic Night.
I also volunteeered to help out in the releasing of Conference IDs and as information officer. It was really just ID releasing but people kept on asking in our station of the where, when, who, whats and whys in the conference.
L-R, me, my primary Sunday school teacher (a decade ago), and Krissel, a new friend.

On to the session with Rev. Chris Hindal Director of International Ministries (GARBC) as speaker

God is so good that aside from the blessings I had in the conference, I also had some sidetrips in the province. I got to enjoy the beach of Fort Ilocandia though I just waded through the sea waves and made some sand mountains.

Fort Ilocandia

The family I went with to Ilocos. I never felt safer with medical practitioners around. L-R. Tita Estelle (a nurse), Matthew (their son), and Dr. Paul Castillo.

The Sinking Bell tower of Laoag. It sinks in millimeters every year.

The Sinking Bell tower of Laoag. It sinks in millimeters every year.

The Laoag City Hall. We rode through the city in a calesa or horse-driven carriage in English.

For the last day of May and last day of summer I helped organize a gathering of North Metro Manila Youth groups from different churches. I also had the chance to promote Do Hard Things and The Rebelution to them. I intended to talk for 3 minutes but I ended up talking for ten minutes.

The youth gathered for a group picture

4th to the left, my campus ministry pastor, Pastor Jonathan Ocampo, was the speaker for the district fellowship. I’m the one in black wearing my personalized Rebelution shirt. That shirt actually has a special secret: it glows in the dark.

I really enjoyed my summer because I know that God has caused me to grow in many ways by sending me to different places almost every other week. I hope you also enjoyed your summer and for those who are only beginning with summer, make your summer a productive one. Enjoy!

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