Sunday, June 08, 2008

Lady In Training's Summer (1st of 2 legs)

Summer is everybody’s favorite time of the year—well perhaps not all, but of the majority. Most teens love summer because it means one thing: vacation. After all, who doesn’t like vacations?

Summer has just ended as May 31 ended and so did my vacation. In three days I’ll be back at school (err, college actually), not to mention that this is my last year in sixteen years of schooling. But before I go back to school and start the beginning of the end of formal schooling, I’d like to share my summer experiences, perhaps one of the best summers God has given in my life.

Though school wasn’t out yet, summer vacation started for me third week of March due to the early scheduling of the ‘holy week’ in the calendar. I attended 50th Anniversary of SIBFK (Samahan ng mga Iglesya Baptista Fundamental sa Katagalugan) conference, a regional association of Fundamental Baptist Churches in the Tagalog region.

With co-officers of SIBFK-AAFC (Association of Ambassadors for Christ)

We, officers sponsored a program and presented a slideshow of updates on how God has been working among the youth in the past years. I also presented a mime for an ‘emergency’ presentation. God is good because He sent me to perform a solo miming a bit scared but well-prepared.

A few hours after the conference, I was off to another trip, this time to my mother’s home province of Antique. My great grandmother died and an uncle paid for my travel expenses so I can attend the funeral. After a long time I had the chance of a vacation in the province. God made a way for me to share the Gospel to a cousin and by Lord’s grace she received Him as her Savior.

Gagging around with younger cousins

The road to the town port

On the third week of April, I helped organize a kids’ camp. Here are some of the pictures from the camp.

Enjoying the afternoon with loads of games

Arts and Crafts time with their counselors

Arts and crafts

Kids who don't like afternoon naps

Counseling time

Counselor and counselee singing out their hearts for the Lord

To be continued....

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