Friday, July 07, 2006

Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Every person has a "comfort zone" - a 'place' where everything is just the way they want it: snug, cozy, and peaceful. It's a condition where they don't have to make an extra effort to do something difficult, something new, if they don't want to. It's a state where they can sit back, relax, and enjoy themselves.
Many people don't venture out of their comfort zones. Why should they? After all, it's where they know they can handle everything in their own way. It's where they feel comfortable enough to do the things they like doing.

Often, we Christians are used to serving God inside our comfort zone. If challenges arise that would mean stepping out of where we enjoy life the most, we refuse. If we know it might change the way people view us, we refuse. If we know it might mean exerting a little more effort to do something we've never done before, we refuse.
Ask yourself: Why am I afraid to venture outside of my comfort zone? Why am I afraid to accept the challenges outside them?

Perhaps it's because you're afraid of what people might think of you. If that is the reason, then you need to ask yourself "Who am I doing it for?" Are you doing it for yourself - to gain fame - or are you doing it for the glory of the Lord?
Perhaps you think it is too hard and you can't do it. Philippians 4:13 says "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." There is nothing too hard that you can't do with God's help. Ask Him for the strength you need; He will give it to you (Psalms 29:11).
Perhaps you are afraid of failing the challenge and failing in your service to God. We aren't perfect; there are times when we feel we've failed God and everybody else. However, even though you feel that way, God doesn't think you are a "failure". We may fail the challenges in life, but God will never think less of us. We can always rely on Him to give us the strength we need to get up and go on.

Gideon was a man who God called out of his comfort zone (Judges 6:11-7:25). He was the man God chose to deliver Israel from the Midianites. At first, Gideon was hesitant and unwilling to leave the safety of his comfort zone. But by and by, he learned to look to God for strength, and he leaned to trust God to help him defeat the Midianites.

Before I leaned about The Rebelution, I never ventured out of my comfort zone. I never accepted the challenges outside of it. I enjoyed things the way they were - quiet and peaceful, an average life. If someone asked me to do something which would mean putting a foot out of my comfort zone, I would refuse and say "It's too hard."
And then I came across The Rebelution. "Do Hard Things" was the first thing that caught my eye. Days after, I re-committed my life to God, caught the Fire of the Rebelution, and stepped out of my comfort zone. Since then, my life has never been the same. True, there are times when I have second thoughts about doing something new, but I've learned to rely on God to lead my through all the challenges.

Like Gideon, we need to step out of our comfort zones, to where we can serve the Lord wholly and use all our talents unreservedly for Him. Keep in mind that you are doing this for the Lord - not for anyone else, not for yourself, but for the Lord.

I am writing this and challenging you to step forward, away from your comfort zone. It won't be easy, especially after you've gotten used to living life relaxedly. There are times of struggles and of failures, yet always remember that you can rely on the Lord for strength and courage to face them all.

So, from what you are used to doing, do something new. Do something difficult. Something hard.
Go beyond your comfort zone.

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