Monday, April 07, 2008

A Bunch of Small Hard Things

I find it helpful to list down the current "Hard Things" that I am going through. That way, I get to see the broader picture of it. I can process (school chaplain's favorite word) - find out why is it hard for me and easy for other people - and strategize (computer teacher's favorite word) - find out how I am going to meet the challenge. Not all of these are "big" Hard Things. Some (in fact, most) are "small" Hard Things that need 100% faithfulness - faithfulness and diligence that I don't always give (but what I'd like to give).

1. Guitar - Perhaps the one thing I fight here often is discouragement And doubt. Leading a team of guitarists is no easy task. There are times when I wonder why in the world I allowed myself to take the challenge to lead. I realize, though, that it is a God-given task, and one that I must carry out faithfully.
2. Summer Volunteer Job - It hasn't started yet...but I do wonder if I am really up to such a task. I'm not even sure what I will be doing precisely. Will I be able to accomplish all the responsibilites given to me?
3. The Art of Orderliness - I'm a person who can find what she is looking for in the heart of all her junk. For once, I'd like to be a person who can find what she is looking for in the heart of a neat and organized drawer or closet.
4. Getting Things Done - "We are known by what we finish, not by what we start." I have several things that I've begun, but never yet finished. I wish to take upon myself the attitude of perseverance and diligence and finish a good many of those things this summer.
5. Singing in choir - it's never easy! Especially if you want to sing in the "proper" way.

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