Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Passion Manila Conference

I could not even begin to describe what happened in Passion Manila last Friday evening. It was and still is indescribable and totally amazing! God is so amazing!

Over 7,000 Filipinos in the Metro and from near provinces have come to the Passion Conference last Friday evening. The whole PhilSports Arena was jam packed and the tickets sold out a week before the conference, but God is good on our part.

A few weeks ago, Alyssa told me that Chris Tomlin would be coming to the Philippines with some team and shortly after that, I saw promotions of the Passion Conference all over my Facebook account. We were stalling on our plan to go because the schedule of the conference is until late in the evening and we’re dubious if we’ll be allowed that late by ourselves. We already gave it up two days before the Conference because tickets were sold out as announced. But as I said, God is good on our part. He always does the unexpected. Thursday morning, a friend, Ate Irene texted that she got ten tickets from Becca Music. The last ten tickets I presume for the conference. Isn’t just God amazing?

Probably, one would not have thought it an amazing night because of the lashing wind and heavy rains but God just worked everything out. Worshipping the Lord through prayer, preaching, and music with 7,000 people was just so overwhelming. Singing Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) with Chris Tomlin after Louie Giglio’s message brought the arena down. I began to wonder, what would it be like in heaven? I stopped wondering. Worship in forever would be uncontainable. Everybody was blessed and above all, we hope to have blessed and glorified Him who gave such grace.

The Passion Manila crowd at PhilSports Arena.

Louie Giglio preaching and telling a story about a girl named Ashley.

Chris Tomlin leading the singing.


Ate Irene and Kuya Jomer who bought tickets for us and drove us to our homes early one in the morning, we could not be more than grateful for you. London, thank your for praying for Passion Manila. God heard your prayers. Kuala Lumpur, we’re joyful for you. The organizers of the Passion Manila Conference, guys without your tremendous efforts, there would not have been Passion Manila. To the Passion Team, Louie Giglio, Kristian Stanfill, and Chris Tomlin, thank you for coming and sharing.

Though Alyssa was not able to come with me (she had exams to prepare for last Friday), I was there to be her reporter. I hope I took enough pictures and recorded enough audio.

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