Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Amazing Grace, the William Wilberforce Story

Messiah College began its missions week yesterday with a film viewing of Amazing Grace, the William Wilberforce story. Alyssa C. invited me knowing how much and how long I have been wanting to see the movie ever since it was out in the U.S. Most people have no idea who William Wilberforce is. I barely had any idea of him until a review of the movie was posted in The Rebelution early last year.

After reading the review and the comments I made a quick research about this man. Who is he that people had to make a movie about him? At that moment William Wilberforce, once a man unknown earned my highest respect. He is a man of genuine faith and action that I could look up to. He is a wealthy yet humble man who allowed himself to be used by God to proclaim His glory.

Watching Amazing Grace just blew me away of how amazing His grace is. In this movie, you’ll surely learn how to sing Amazing Grace with deeper conviction. John Newton, the man who penned the most famous hymn of all time is a friend of Wilberforce. You’ll see what inspired him to write Amazing Grace. To sum it all up, the movie is all about how God displayed his transforming power in the life of William Wliberforce, Christian slavery abolitionist.


Man is born broken

He lives by mending

The grace of God is glue

-Eugene O’Neill


For those who have not watched Amazing Grace, has never heard of Amazing Grace and needs a push to watch Amazing Grace, here’s the trailer. May it encourage you to watch the film that everyone must see.

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