Monday, September 01, 2008

Loving Muslims Thru Prayer

Today, September 1, is the start of Ramadan, a month-long fasting for Muslims. At Messiah College, we have a prayer activity. Every day for the whole month of September, we will voluntarily pray for the Muslims - that their hearts and their minds might be opened to the truth. We will also be praying for the missionaries who are working alongside them, that they might not grow weary, and that they might radiate God's glory so that the Muslims will see and know.

1 in every 5 people alive today are Muslims.

9 of the 10 least reached mega peoples are Muslim.

The U.N. says Europe will be 55% Muslim by 2040.

9 out of 10 Muslims don’t know any Christians.

HT: Muslims in

It is my desire that you join us in this 30-day activity. I will post the prayer requests, as taken from

For more information on Ramadan, click here.

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