Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Success or Value?

I want to be successful in school, in my career, in my family, in my social status... the list could go on. This statement is the common answer of many when asked what they want to be in their life. We want to be successful in everything. So we strive hard to gain success. We give our best to reach that pinnacle which is success.

Upon reaching that pinnacle do you wonder what's next? Is success the end of it all?

Success isn't bad. It is good because it gives a sense of fulfillment when we reach our goals. But most often the dream for success dims more important things, such as character, that we should strive for.

I'd like to share a thought that both ladies and gentlemen should ponder upon. Albert Einstein once wisely admonished,

"Gentlemen, try not to become men of success.
Rather, become men of value."

What is it to be a man or woman (in our case) of value? What is it to be a man or woman of value to God?

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