Monday, December 15, 2008

A Christmas Reminder

Christmas is the most celebrated season of the year. Merriment and joyous signs are everywhere. Houses glow with Christmas lights. Shopping malls decorated with Christmas trees and beautiful garlands are full of people shopping for gifts. Mothers bake and prepare for Christmas dinner. Fathers get their extra bonuses from work. Children make their wish list. Aunts and uncles send their gifts over. The post office becomes busy with cards to be sent. Students pack up and leave their colleges to spend Christmas holiday at home. People hold all kinds of Christmas parties and gift-giving to charities.

Just what really is Christmas that everybody is so busy with it?

I once heard on the radio that Christmas is about caring and sharing to others. Giving to poor and being good. It's all about love the dj concluded. But, just what kind of love is he talking about?

The video I'm sharing below is a wonderful allegory and a great reminder of the True Love that should matter on hearts this Christmas. Please don't walk away from this site without having viewed the video. It's only around six minutes and those minutes you will spend on watching will be more than worth it.

Happy Christmas from Ladies-In-Training! Cherish our Father's great love in our hearts this Christmas and in all seasons to come!

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