Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Spreading Do Hard Things

A few years back, The Rebelution was only a simple blog with great posts. It blew our minds that there's actually much more to teen years than school and fun. That there's much more that God can actually do through us if we would just choose to throw the shackles of low expectations and step up to the challenge that God has for us.

Alyssa and I were so excited. We wanted to share the potential of teen years to every Filipino youth. We recommended the site to everyone we know but the response wasn't exciting as we expected it to be. Just how do you recommend a site to people who are not keen in reading blogs? (Blogs weren't that very popular here)

Fast forward three years later... The Rebelution has become a great website with great posts, forums, and conferences. And the blog posts were condensed into a book: Do Hard Things. With a book as a medium, more people caught the fire in maximizing their teen years for God. But just how do you recommend a book that isn't even available in your country? God answered by bringing the book here through OMF Literature.

I'm so excited that we're not the only ones now who recommend the book but there are rebelutionaries springing up from everywhere across the archipelago. We're glad that the book is here but there's still a lot of work to do in igniting fire and it does not end in reading the book.

Do Hard Things is still new and you might be the only one in your group who has read Do Hard Things. I'm sure you're excited as we are with what the book has to offer to teens but not everyone loves nor likes to read. While it is prevalent among Filipino teens to easily get bored with books there is a way you can share the book's message to them.

Not many people may care when you say, "Do Hard Things!" or tell them about the book, but there are many teens and adults alike in your church, school or work, who are chained by the society's low expectations. And their hearts are silently crying out for bigger things that God has for them. You must find these people.

These people may not be easy to find at first. But until you reveal yourself will they only probably reveal themselves. Your first "hard things" might be alone but if you live as if God is the prime source of your life and faithfully exert yourself in doing hard things you'll attract these people. They're just around and are probably looking for a fellow youth and a comrade like you who can be with them in stepping out of their comfort zone and forward to battle.

I pray you'll find these people and together with them,


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