Saturday, July 18, 2009

Nokia 8210 Is A Classic!

I am an owner of a Nokia 8210 cellphone model for so many years now--and hopefully for more years to come. My cell phone can text people up to only 160 characters. It can call and receive calls, don't you worry. It has a 1-hour maximum talk time. It has a yellow backlight and black characters--in short, it's not colored. It has limited space for only 60 text messages and around 500 contacts for storage. It has a calendar, an alarm clock, and basic calculator. Its tones are all monotones. And yeah, my ringing tone is Love Is the Answer, if you care to know.

My phone is pretty much functional. It works I assure you. It's kinda invincible too. I've acidentally dropped it many times. It even got smashed but when assembled, it still works perfectly well! If you think my cell phone is boring, you're wrong! It has games. I have the classic headless snake, the mind-boggling memory game and the frustrating rotation game.

Many people gloat at the fact that I still own an old cell phone model. There are so many "hi-tech" phones out there that has plenty of options for texting, calling, voice, messaging, gaming and even Internet. To many, my phone is outdated and totally out of fashion. Obsolete. I could read people's eyes when they look at my phone, "Why on earth is she still using that phone?"

I guess I just learned to be content. I've learned (and have been learning) the difference of need and want. God taught me that some things, such as cell phones, can be so alluring that you will want it too much and end up thinking that it's a need. "It's gotta be a need!" We shout and then we go into a flurry of why it should pass for a need.

Cell phones for the past years have heightened people's mobility with the advent of Internet right at your phone. "The world is at your fingertips," an ad says. It may have increased mobility and interaction but it has lessened the value of true interaction with real people in real life.

Online activities are already overwhelming with computer alone. And I won't have online activities follow me everywhere I go. Email, Facebook, Twitter, and everything online should stay home in the computer, their rightful place. Call and text is all I really need to carry with me and the rest would be natural and real life conversations with friends. Something God has originally designed for what communication and interaction should be.

It must not be mistaken that I am against online interaction. I have plenty of online friends and it's always a pleasure to chat with them when we "meet" online. It is just this: God has placed in my heart to value higher the real life communication He designed than the high technology communication our human efforts invented.

My Nokia 8210 isn't outdated. It's a classic and it reminds me of my favorite biblical adage,

But godliness with contentment is great gain
(1 Timothy 6:6)

I will continue to pursue God with whatever He provides regardless of what the world may think of his provisions for me. They may be unfashionable, outdated and obsolete to them. But anything from Him, I regard it classic and timeless.

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