Thursday, March 25, 2010

Earthquake Scare

A 6.0-magnitude earthquake hit Manila this afternoon which caused people to fear and run out of their buildings. While some people who hardly pray prayed, many take it as a countdown to 2012, a.k.a end of the world. The earthquake scare began when it hit Haiti (7.0) last January killing a great number of people. Then it was followed by the one in Chile (8.8),  then Taiwan, (6.4), Sumatra (6.8), Turkey (5.5), Peru (6.0), Japan (6.5), Cuba (5.6), and now here in the city where I live.

I had my earphones on listening to Owl City while working on emails. I thought I was just getting dizzy when the earthquake struck. It shook the table I was on. You'll probably think I'm crazy and totally insane but I tell you, I am in the right mind and I honestly think that the earthquake was pretty exciting! Now you probably think I don't care about people's lives. Well, I do. Much more than the life that you probably know.

I never wished to experience an earthquake but neither did I wish not to experience it. The tragedies caused by the recent earthquakes are heart-wrenching and it's easy to get scared that it might happen to me or to anyone I know but I rest in the comfort and assurance of my Father in heaven.

It was He who laid the foundations of the earth and if He chooses to shake it and destroy the structures humans built, what have I got to question? And if the end that He has set is to come and the earthquakes are the introduction of the end, what have I to fear?

All I know is that I'm excited to see Jesus in my lifetime. Whether it be He comes today or I get smashed by falling debris I don't really care. Either way I will see Him in my lifetime.

I'm sure you understand what I'm talking about or probably not.

If you do understand what I'm talking about, aren't you excited with what's happening, knowing that Jesus might be coming so soon? And that we'll get to finally see Him face to face? If you're not excited, might it be that even if you know Jesus, He's probably not your priority. Or you're busy with other "important" things more than the Gospel work He left?

Now, if you're lost with what I'm talking about, don't be. You can probably sum up now that I might have lost some screws in my brain. Well, I actually have lost a lot of it ever since I truly knew Jesus. I am not scared of earthquakes because I am friends with the One who made the heaven and the earth. And if He wants to take me to meet Him through it, I'd be glad to.

Jesus must be a crazy man to have made people (e.g. me) like this. Well, yes and no. He's crazy because even if you don't know Him, He chose to die for you and He's not crazy because He knew He must do it because He wants to share eternity with you--even if He doesn't really need you.

Jesus Christ is my Lord, Savior, Father, Brother and Best Friend. He is my everything. My life. I can never imagine what life would be like without Him.

Your life is so precious, don't waste it! I care about your life not because I really care but because He cares for you. I'm writing this not because I want to but because He wants me to tell you that He loves you more than you know. Would you care to love Him back?

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