Monday, May 18, 2009

Article: The Burger King Syndrome

Written for TLW Philippines

Imagine a huge, delicious, juicy burger staring up at you from a tray on the table. You take a sniff, feeling hungrier every minute. There it is—all what you want, how you want it. The bun, toasted lightly. No tomatoes or lettuce or that icky sour stuff. Just the delicious meat and the delicious cheese.

Welcome to Burger King. The place where you can have your burger prepared just the way you want it. Want tomoates? No? Okay, how about lettuce? An extra serving of pickles? Absolutely no mustard or mayonnaise?
That’s Burger King’s greatest feat—you get to have what you want the way you want it.

Often, we take the “Have It Your Way” attitude—or what I call “the Burger King Syndrome”—all the way through life.
As long as we want something, we think we can get it. We push the limits, we step past the boundaries. We think that the world out there is to please us. Read More...

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