Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fireproof and Rejection

I've watched Fireproof the fourth time over the past week. Though there was a good amount of humor and sudden-thrill-that-tingled-over-me-from-head-to-foot scenes, there was one scene that constantly seizes me whenever I watch it. The scene where Caleb surrenders to the cross.

“How am I supposed to show love over and over and over to somebody who constantly rejects me?”

That’s a very good question, isn’t it? Not only for Caleb but for all of us—especially believers. Most of us probably think that that Fireproof scene was made to reach unbelievers only. I think its message should hold more meaning to us believers.

The apostle Peter believed Christ was Messiah yet he rejected knowing Him when questioned after Jesus’ arrest. In the same way we have believed and received Christ, yet we’re also guilty in constantly rejecting Him.

We have been rejecting Christ in our lives and in many ways unconsciously done. Yet doing something unconsciously that we consciously know about is not an excuse. When I disobey my parents, I reject Him. When I refuse to get up early to help around the house, I reject Him. When I make physical weakness as an excuse to not do my devotions, I reject Him. When I make bargain with Him on doing a task, I reject Him.

He said, “Whoever has my commands and obeys them, he is the one who loves Me…”

How many times in our lives have we allowed Him to work in our thoughts, words and actions? Do you give quick excuses to be let off on something that He wants you to do? How is your life displaying that you are of Christ? Is it even noticeable? How’s your complete obedience to Him? Have you submitted it yet?

If we truly love Him, we would obey. If we truly love Him, we would submit every single little thing in our lives to His control. The decisions we make every day are also decisions whether we’ll reject Him or not.

“How is He supposed to show love over and over and over to somebody who constantly rejects Him?”
And He answered by dying on the cross.

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