Friday, June 26, 2009

Harris Twins' Live Steaming

The twins announced their live streaming yesterday over at The Rebelution. 3:30 EST. I converted it to GMT +8 twice, set my alarm clock and waited for it... I would never wholly trust time converters again! I missed the Harris twins' live streaming by 25 minutes! But time converters immediately made it up with me when I was given a great time chatting with rebelutionaries across the ocean. 15-20 rebelutionaries all on at the same time? It was tons of fun and excitement. More of that in a while.

Alex & Brett talked about the concept of their upcoming book and released its title. No spoilers... you can watch the video and learn what the title is. If you think that Do Hard Things has left you wandering where to start in doing hard things, then you'll surely look forward to this new book.

For more excitement. Alex said that they might do live streaming again if we liked it. If Alex could hear, "We liked it very MUCH!!!!" Quite apparent because there are still people on chat at this very moment.

How To Watch the Video:
At the bottom of the airing video
click on "On-Demand"
then click the twins' video on the
topmost of the selection.

Ignore this if the video embedded above works well.

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