Friday, April 07, 2006

You Don't Impress Me Much (Part 1): Deception

A few weeks ago a friend came to me and asked for a piece of advice, "Christin, how do I impress her?" He ws referring to a close friend of mine with whom he's interested in. If he had asked that question three years ago when I have not read I Kissed Dating Goodbye yet, I would have loved to give him useful tips on how to impress a girl. You might have realized that I am not going to give any tips and you would choose to stop reading but hey! You have started reading so you might as well end it and hear what I have to say.

Men-In-Training if you try or if you have tried to impress a Lady-In-Training, I tell you, you are making the biggest mistake. Girls are not impressed by guys who are trying to be impressive to make the girls go 'ooh' and 'aah' over them; they hate it. Ladies-In-Training hate such ridiculous activities and so does God.

Impressing is Deceiving. In other words impressing is merely showing off and not being the real you. God commanded us not to be like the hypocrites and trying to impress someone is being a hypocrite. Most guys today even young Christian men have become hypocrites and have fallen to the habit of impressing girls. Why? Because it makes them feel good. Well, let me ask you this, do you feel good in deceiving your fellow sisters-in-Christ?

God has set rules for holy living which the Apostle Paul wrote in Colossians 3. One of the rules I would like to impress upon your hearts and minds is found in verse 9 of the chapter.


Do not lie to each other, since you have taken off your old self with its practices.
Colossians 3:9 (NIV)


As Christians we should have taken off our old self together with its practices. If you have the habit of practicing on shooting the ball perfectly just to impress a girl in a basketball game, take it off! God does not want His children to be deceivers. After taking off your old self God wants you to wear your new self practicing the rules He has set for us.

Men-In-Training, give that perfect lay-up or dunk not for the girls who will applaud and cheer you but for God up above who will applaud for the sincerity of your heart.


You cannot impress girls when you try to impress them but you can impress them when you do nothing but impress God.


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